The Right Answering Service Can Also Translate Your Calls

A good answering service has become the answer to the technological monster known as the automated answering system. Smart companies have figured out the disadvantages of having a machine answer their phones. Calls can get dropped, customers tend to get frustrated and business can slow when your client’s first contact with your office is a recorded voice.But there is more to your answering service than just a personable voice at the other end of the line. Top level firms can provide translations services for you, eliminating the logistical nightmare of trying to set up a visiting translator at the last minute.The way the process works starts when you discuss your contract with the service. Specify which language you would like translation services for and a bi-lingual operator that matches your needs will be assigned to your calls. Some operators are multi-lingual and able to cover a number of languages. Once your translator/operator is set up not only will you have a skilled operator answering your calls round the clock, but if you do get a call in a language you don’t speak, translation services are immediately available for you.When a call comes in that needs to be translated, your bi-lingual operator will shift their call load to a backup operator that has been trained in your company’s call routing system. The bi-lingual operator will forward the client to you but will remain on the line and translate the conversation as long as needed. The advantages to having an in-house translator are incalculable, as the usual cost and inconvenience of having a visiting translation service can be daunting.Once your call is done, your bi-lingual operator will return to covering your company’s incoming calls. Skilled in customer relations and trained in the exact requirements your particular company has for routing calls, your answering service operator will handle each call with your business’ image in mind. Add to this the flexibility and cost savings of having a translator at hand and having an answering service that also provides translation becomes a clear option for savvy companies.Contact your service and check to see if they provide translation services. If they don’t look around a bit and see if you can find one that does, as having a translator close at hand can make all the difference.